Brian Trainor

Marketing Strategist

Brian joined the Articulation Agency as a Marketing Strategist in 2018. He brings experience in brand marketing strategy and project management from an array of industries. Most recently, Brian worked for two Fortune 100 companies at Diageo and Red Bull where he was responsible for experiential marketing efforts and managing national projects. From putting on large-scale brand building events, to telling a brand story through concise messaging, Brian has worked on it. His experience working with top athletes, real estate practices and entertainment professionals, will serve him across the range of the Articulation Agency’s client base.

As Marketing Strategist, he will manage creative projects and campaign ideas to ensure adherence across numerous channels including digital, print and social.

Growing up in a family immersed in PR, he has a great understanding of delivering a client’s needs and executing objectives. A Midwest transplant, Brian attended school in Irvine, California at Concordia University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in PR and a minor in Brand Marketing.